Based on " Would I Let My Children Eat Them?"
as the strict standard in selecting food ingredients.


Let manufacturers, distributors, buyers, gift presenters, consumers all get happiness through our Company products is our business objectives.

Based on " Would I Let My Children Eat Them?"
as the strict standard in selecting food ingredients.

Let manufacturers, distributors, buyers, gift presenters,
consumers all get happiness through our Company products
is our business objectives.


Message from President

Hearting “Children’s Future Food”
All the Time

Ogino Midori

President Midori Ogino

Hearting “Children’s Future Food”
All the Time

President Midori Ogino

Business establishment

Business establishment

One day, after breast-feeding my eldest daughter in September 2011, she suddenly suffered with eczema and constipation for more than 10 days. I could not figure out other causes except our daily diets and I suddenly then realized the meaning of "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”. After reflection, I reviewed, reassessed and tried to inspect eating habits around with a thought of “Would it be possible for us to easily and comfortably buy the right food for our children which they feel good to eat?" As a result, under the assistance of the pastry class ran by my mother, I opened the handmade pastry shop of "BROWN SUGAR 1ST." based on a principle of “Would I Let My Children Eat Them” in strict selection of food ingredient. It was the time of four months after the birth of my daughter.

What is ORGANIC?

What is ORGANIC?

I do not think it is just a matter of without using pesticides or with certified labeling. The Organic considered by the Company is a kind of idea or choice to carry out organic link and circulation. Through the thought of “What are left?” and “What to inherit?” as spindle, the Company has been thinking and striving to open up career under the objective of letting manufacturers, distributors, buyers, gift presenters, consumers all get happiness through our Company products.


Company Profile

Company name



1-2-3-101 Matsunaga Apartment Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001
※ Non-store.






JPY40 million


Midori Ogino

Business content

Cake manufacturing business, food import and wholesale businesses, food retail business

Distribution of products

Organic coconut oil (COCOFINA) ※, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Lemon Squash, Organic ginger ale, Organic agave syrup, Organic apple sauce, pastry and various spices etc.

Trading clients

SEIJOISHI Co., Ltd., KAZETOHIKARI Co., Ltd., Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd., Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd., COCOFINA ...and so on.

Transaction bank

Harajuku branch of Kiraboshi Bank
Aoyama Branch of Mizuho Bank


http://bs1st.com (corporate website)

http://www.bs1stonline.com/ (Product Description / Lifestyle Suggestion Website)

Mail order

http://organic1st.jp (the Company online store)

※Our company is an authorized distributor for Cocofina.



2011. 9

Sweets Brand of “BROWN SUGAR 1ST” founded.

2012. 2

Started to sell "coco cookies"
Opened online shop of BROWN SUGAR 1ST.

2013. 3

Business registration of BROWN SUGAR 1ST. Co., Ltd.
Start sell Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

2013. 3

Start to sell Organic Coconut Sugar

2013. 9

Start to sell Organic Apple Sauce

2014. 8

The publication of『Magic Coconut Oil Recipes』in MOOK Magazine under the special assistance of TAKARAJIMASHA, Inc.

2014. 10

Book of “Let's Starts Coconut oil Life” published by Kodansha Ltd.
The original official online store reopened under the name "ORGANIC 1ST."

2014. 11

Book of “Wanting to use the coconut oil now!” Published through the SHOGAKUKAN Inc.

2014. 12

Our product of "Organic Premium Extra Virgin Coconut Oil" was awarded the "2014 Natural Beauty Award" organized by "VOGUE JAPAN", and won the second prize in the “Best Makeup of Cool Lady’s Voice Gorgeous Bodybuilding Department” in the "2014 Beauty Gold Medal" organized by “25ans”.

2015. 3

Became the authorized distributor in Japan and began selling the British coconut oil brand of "Cocofina"

2015. 6

Start to sell nutritional supplements brand of "Fujicoco"

2015. 9

Established the head office of "TAKECO1982" in Kurume-shi of Fukuoka

2015. 10

Book of” Favorite coconut oil snacks for adults and children” published by Kodansha Ltd.

2015. 12

Our product of "Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil" won the 2nd place in the Best Food & Drinks Division of "2015 @ Cosme Best Make-up Award"
The launch of "Organic apple sauce bottle"

2016. 5

Became the authorized distributor of Manzanar Company, an old apple processing company in California, and stated to sell in Japan.

2016. 6

Opened the first road shop of "BROWN SUGAR 1ST. TOKYO ORGANIC “ at Jingumae, Harajuku Tokyo.

Important things

6 important things

Mother’s sight

"Would I let my children eat them?" as the standard for the strict selection of food ingredients.

Benefit sharing

Sharing the natural grace for all the well-being as the goal.

Happy Food

Delivering happy food to enrich body and mind.

Matching towards the rich diets to the future

Seeking to protect the Earth's production background and to protect the children's future diets.


Building relationships of trust with people involved and to deliver excellent products

Let life be more organic

Engaging in sound commercial business to enable the organic and circulatory links between people and both the earth and people.




Cherish manpower than mechanical work
Do not rely on chemical power to make unnatural adjustments
Be able to communicate closely with the producers
Strictly enact health management standards and carry out supervision and guidance
Quality is more important than stable supply
Manufacturing and selling practically in order to build a good cycle
Do not deplete the children's future resources

Our Company is an organic food company based on the principles of "Would I let my children eat them? We check food ingredients with strict selection standards”. While manufacturing and selling foods that without add any chemical additives, we also continuously think about what kind of diet should be offered to children`s health in the future

We are constantly thinking about the `safe food` for our end users and making the greatest efforts on "food security".

However, President. Ogino, who founded the Company as an identity of mother, has noted that there are two fundamental contradictions in the concept of "food safety" during the course of our Company activities.

The first one is the social requirement of the "food safety = stable supply and zero risk." In order to meet the needs of such consumers, food companies have continuous put efforts in innovative technology, research, and equipment investment. As a result, in order to stabilize supply and prevent shortage of commodity, chemicals, pesticides, genetic modification are often carried out to increase harvest along with the use of additives as well as complete sterilization and disinfection to avoid food poisoning. In addition, to avoid mixing with bacteria and foreign bodies, the manual labor is also replaced by mechanization in order to achieve the goal of zero risk.

The second one is "food safety = organic and natural." Recently, when it comes to the "safety of food", many people seem to be shifting from their organic concerns to this. In order to meet the needs of such consumers, food companies and producers are constantly striving to reduce pesticides or additives, with the aim of without being chemically adjusted or refined. As a result, the shelf life has become shortened and the supply has become unstable due to factors such as weather, and the price is also getting higher, despite that there is lower risk of additives or pesticides.

In the present situation, the "food safety" concept demanded by many customers seems to be with two fundamental contradictions which require purchasing cheap foods with the nature of long-term, non-moldy stability as well as of without containing pesticides to maintain good health. Under such circumstance, the question is, to what extent can food companies meet such needs?

The narratives made by the Company in here has no intention to criticize the public , but hopes to share the idea of "What is the" safe food "for which you require” in order to stir up some ripples. We are looking forward to exploring and discussing "a matter of course" or "questioning" related to this type of diet, so as to develop our business toward a rich future