Hearting “Children’s Future Food”
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In addition to organic JAS certification, our brand of "Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil" is also a delicious and pleasing organic food. It is a food which can enrich your body and mind as well as make children's future brighter.


This high quality coconut nutrient replenishing tablet is a brand distributed by the coconut pioneer of BROWN SUGAR 1ST., which contains 100% pure coconut oil extracted from strictly selected coconut fruit and is packaged with plant-derived capsules manufactured by Japanese technology.


Since 1982, the store of Takeco Yoshiyama has been started with the identity of a spicy food research. The product lineup is filled with the idea of "a bit change of everything on a daily table would enrich the body and mind. “It looks forward to the power of spices to promote the rich flavor of food culture without relying on chemicals. The headquarters was established in Kurume-shi of Fukuoka in September, 2015 which sells strictly selected spices and DELI.